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FloatPot™ Floating Flower Pot

FloatPot™ Floating Flower Pot

FloatPot™ Floating Flower Pot

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Maglev suspension technology: an awesome high tech gadget with enlightenment education that people of all ages will enjoy

Excellent material: The pot won’t get broken or moldy to protect your lovely flowers

Levitating Air Pot: It can be observed from different angles that plants can rotate in the air with funny dynamic

Lovely look: Unique creative design, the flower pot looks like a suspended planet, stylish and eyecatching

Interesting decoration: gardening props, suitable for decorative gardening, desks, bookshelves, dining tables, living rooms, master rooms and everywhere.

Connect power, put the base on flat surface

Two hands hold the plant aiming the centre of the base. Slowly put the plant down towards the base.

When feel magnetic force pull or push the plant adjust the position properly to the centre of the base.

When feel the force disappears, keep the plant stable for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly loose hands until the plant stays by itself.

If failed many times turn off the power let the base cool down. Then try it again.

Remember always take away the plant before turn off the power.

Keep this product 20cm away from other electronic or metal items to avoid interfere.

Keep it out of touch of child below 12 ages.